Rustic Oak Beam Garden Table 3 Rustic Oak Beam Garden Table 3 Default Manufacturer Rustic oak beam garden tables 3 handmade from oak beams. Impress your guests with this handmade garden table. Contact us for a quote. rustic-oak-beam-garden-table-3 899.00 Simply Rustic Oak
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Rustic Oak Beam Garden Table 3

Rustic Oak Beam Garden Table 3

This beam table 3 is handcrafted from a solid oak beam.

Tables are 4 beams wide and not 5 as shown in the picture.

The table has been designed with no end table overhang. This gives you more seating space between the table legs.

A rustic, very large table that will impress your guests with this statement piece of furniture. A perfect addition to your garden space.

The table is finished in oil for outdoor protection.

Oak beam will crack split and shake as the furniture ages, making the furniture have a rustic look.

Our bespoke rustic oak beam garden table can be custom made to the size you require.

Please note that you are purchasing the table only, please select chairs or benches to go with your table if required.

Customers are advised that as the drying process occurs, the natural resins in the wood can be drawn out from the bottom of the table legs, and can stain some outdoor surfaces, such as flagstones or paving. Gravel, Pebble or Grass surfaces are not affected.

Contact us for a quote.

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