Rustic Oak Furniture

Bespoke and totally handmade furniture

If you are looking for bespoke custom made furniture, then simply rustic oak is the ideal choice. The mighty oak is one of the most spectacular looking hardwoods as well as being the most durable. Used for centuries in the construction of many of our most famous buildings and furniture, you will be very familiar with its qualities. We particularly love the look of these old timbers and have been using this natural look in our oak products for years. Many of the pieces are made from rustic oak beams. If made from beams it will naturally develop its own unique characteristics as it seasons over a period of years. It's a natural process that insures that each piece has its own look.

We are skilled in the craftsmanship of oak.

Simply rustic oak will recreate the ideal oak piece you have in mind. If you have been looking for the ideal Tv stand, coffee table, garden furniture or any kind of furniture, then simply rustic oaks skilled carpenter will gladly build something totally unique and special for you.

A skilled artisan can create a beautiful wooden creation that looks as if it's been in your home forever. It can be that certain piece that adds a feeling of comfort or relaxation by just simply being a part of your home. Rather than offering a cost cutter solution in a one size fits all world, we let you have a hand in the designs that will become an important part of your day to day life. Every home is different, so why wouldn't you want that same diversity from the items you place inside it?

Our products are made by a carpenter armed with only tools, wood and the connection methods we use. Each item has its own story. You won't find a huge factory with loud machinery churning out 1000 of this and 1000 of that. You shouldn't have to adjust your life to fit a piece into it. Our creations are custom designed to fit around your layout.

Our bespoke simply rustic oak furniture is custom made for you for your home. Please call simply rustic oak on 07719 130215 or email your requirements and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. We're happy to discuss your needs and are happy to work with you.

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